Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Silvester Anfang - Kosmies Slachtafval + Satanische Vrede

Freak fucking folk nigga

Kosmies Slachtafval
Satanische Vrede

Wraiths - Oriflamme + Plaguebearer

Here are the first two albums released by Wraith's. An excellent band out of Edinburgh, UK. Haunting drone noise done right, and exceptionally done I might add. They also have a new album out titled The Grey Emperor, I strongly suggest you buy it, if you enjoy what you hear. As for where to start, it dosen't really matter, as both albums are fucking great.


Tentacles For Teeth - Demo

48 minute demo released by black noizer's Tentacles For Teeth. Music to listen to at night in bed with the lights off, then the next morning getting up to wash the brown stains off. download

Alison's Halo - Eyedazzler 1992-1996

tales ov dryden more like shoegaze for days

Whisper Room - Birch White

Is Aidan Baker even capable of suck.

Snow Lark On The Temple Mt. Doom - Guardian Or Avenger

A remarkable experience, a beautiful gem, flawless through out and worthy of creating mass amounts of erections. Subhumans don't even understand. download

Burial Hex - Thin Hand of Ourla

A short one from Wisconsin's Burial Hex. Although asumming most have heard Initiations, this one is leaning towards a more power electronic influenced album, yet still containing their dark and frightening feel.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Stella Polaris - Demo

Quebec horde Stella Polaris only had time to release this great demo before their demise. download

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Haxan - Haxan

Easily one of my favorite Mark Mccoy projects, three tracks of noisy raw black and they are perfect. Would like to hear more, but I am not sure whether or not it was only one release project or not. It would be nice to know.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Raw Nerve - Demo + Teens in Heat EP

Great hardcore/punk, extremely lo-fi, and very noisy. I have really enjoyed what the band has put out so far, and I am greatly looking forward for their self titled full-length coming out febuary/march of next year on Youth Attack. Here is their demo and their latest ep, copys were very limited, so if you missed out, here you go.


Circle of Ouroborus - Islands

Though already having a few releases this year, Islands is another solid release. Fans of the band already know what to expect. Many people sight flaws in vocals, but personally I think they are excellent. They almost give you a hypnotice feel, layered amongst great atmosphere. Overall this is a great release, and newcomers I suggest Shores, or the split with Urfaust, to get you started.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Portal - Swarth

The lastest offering from australian dether's Portal is no less than a vicious stomp to the face. Pulverising guitars, intense atmosphere, and haunting sound. One of my favorite's to be released this year.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

United Mutation - Fugitive Family

Old DC hardcore at its craziest, United Mutation is basically your 80's hardcore accompanied by vocalist Mike Brown's insane yelps. This is their best release in my opinion, not saying Rainbow Person is bad at all, I just find this one much greater. download

Ash Pool - Genital Tomb

I'm sure alot have heard this already, but upon recently popping this in, I forgot how fucking great this release is. Album slayed then, album slays now. Their best they have put out. Ash Pool more like Ash Rule.


Nuit Noire - Once Upon A Night

A demo by french black metallers Nuit Noire. This is my favorite release of theirs. Keep an eye out for their demo compilation that has recently come out this year, which is all of the bands demo's on two discs. Fuck yeah.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Leech - Ten Black Hymns

Leech's Ten Black Hymn's is greatly different from any of the other bands material. The production is very clean, at times sounds like a total different band, but the album itself is outstanding. Aside from their contribution on the Thou split, this is probably their finest effort. To avoid confusion this is not a full-length.


Vordr - Demo 08

Vordr's 2008 demo is exactly what you would expect from them, it is fucking excellent. I have probably said this countless times before, but the band does not have any bad material, so just incase you have not heard this, I sugest you get on it. This demo for me, ranks up with I, in my fav's. If thats not enough then just look at the cover. Enough said.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mania - The Death of Birth

Full length release by Oregon's very own Mania. Containing members of Leech, Ancestortooth, and Vault Dweller. The album itself is excellent, very raw, but also a great deal of atmosphere and ambient sections. The Death of Birth is a dimentional listen in its forty minutes of entirety. Some could argue about the lack of length, but I can pretty much say it's perfect. Its just a great listen overall and the guitars, bass and drums are all exceptionally done.


Kriegshög - Hardcore Hell

Your guide to dirty filthy hardcore, 5 tracks of fast, angry hardcore heil. The kind to make you punch fist any inferiority that gets in your way. Get your krieg on here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hex Noir - Demo's

More raw black, but this time from now defunct band Hex Noir. Real great band out of Dayton, Ohio, who only had a short time to present us with two demo's. Would of really enjoyed further material. Songs from both demo's are also downloadable via last.fm or here

Cult Ritual - Cult Ritual

A staple of hardcore that is nothing more than a merciless onslaught to make you piss your pussy pants. The self titled full length has arrived and it is everything I have expected and more. Given the chance, it is probably a must you catch this band live.

Sermon of Foulness - The Jericho Drifter

Obscure, wierd, raw d-beat from somewhere in the states. The vocals are great, they do seem out of place some of the time, but excellent nonetheless. Always after I have finished listening I can still hear the high pitched howls distantly in my head. A great 09 release!