Thursday, April 28, 2011

光束夜 - 光束夜 (1st)

光束夜 or Kousokuyo is a dark jap psychedlic rock band. so come along on this acid trip from japan hell and enjoy doomy sludgy guitars and worship satan and all that evil stuff. so if you're into any psychrock stuff like Fushitsusha or Datetenryu or if you've never heard of those two and this then get them all of it and just sit.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anne Bean & Paul Burwell Pulp Music - Low Flying Aircraft

This has been kicking my ass latley it's a little single by Anne Bean & Paul Burwell Pulp Music titled Low Flying Aircraft [no label, extra hole burnt instead]. After deeply getting into the short-lived No Wave music scene in New York i was brought to this early gem. I really do not have any information on them other than they aren't from New York but from London and i am pretty sure this is all they have released a mere 2 song single. i was not expecting much from this little single just the same wacky unlistenable jams i've heard from previous no wave artists, but this is the most unique, unlistenable 'music' 1979 has to offer.

low flying aircraft

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ambassador 990 - Ambassador 990 7''

I love this band more than i should but i don't care because i have a full on throbber for 90s emo these days and this band in general. here we have Ambassador 990's self titled 7''. the first two tracks have been re-recorded under different song titles on the 12'' but these ones are the real deal.


James Dean Driving Experience - EP's

James Dean Driving Experience is a fantastic old indiepop band formed in 1987. i find their upbeat twee jams very nice in the morning when i don't ever want to get up then Sean Connery plays and everything is okay. it's not possible for me listen to just one ep by these guys, it's mandatory to listen to their entire discography. Here is 1988's Dean's Eleventh Dream, 1989's Clearlake Revisited, and 1990's Sean Connery and trust me, it is not enough.