Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Girlseeker - Love Fuel

two new tracks from danish sensation Girlseeker. All around better than the previous tape and still staying with their overall sound which is much more fitting and louder as it shines throughout the record. probably the catchiest stuff i've heard all year.

Love Fuel

Monday, November 7, 2011

Girlseeker - 1-800-Greed

You should probably grab this based on the cover of the tape alone. This is another tape that went pretty fast [Edition of 40.] They are a danish group and members involved are Jonas Frederiksen of Dreamer's Cloth, Alexander Olsen of Sexdrome, and Simon Formann of Lower. You will fall in love with their cheesy 80s lo-fi pop sound.


Fecalove - Animal

This tasty CD-R released in 08 is the sex-obssessed noise you've been missing out on. "Microphone feedback abuse. Smell of cum stains and wasted youth."


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lust For Youth / War - The Glass House Etiquette

A recent split between Lust for Youth and danish duo War [Made up of Elias and Loke]. If you haven't heard LFY's Solar Flare and War's God Made Flesh you should be ashamed and go grab those right now, then you'll be ready for this treat.

The Glass House Etiquette

Flesh Spear - Raping Soil

Heres a noisy affair from the borderline flawless danish label; Posh Isolation. Absolute noise crush, buried vocals and an overall sound which comes across as unsettling almost frightening. Maybe Jackman went noisecore.

Raping Soil

Saturday, October 8, 2011

V/A - Great Punk Hits

Here is you gateway to japanese hardcore; if you do not dig this compilation then there is no use in even trying anymore, this is classic 80s japanese hardcore at its finest. Right from the start G.I.S.M. unleash one of their evilest songs in their catalog 'Death Exclamations' and then with the more groovier banger 'Fire'. The Execute and Aburadako keep the hardcore momentum going while Laughin' Nose go for more of a straight forward punk approach. The Clay lay down some more metal-leaning hardcore on 'Future Terror' and 'Militia' and last but certainly not least G-Zet provide probably the best song on the compilation with '堕落' (Dakura).


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jackman - Bad Intensions

A much stronger effort than the 2010 demo, Jackman returns with five new songs and the second danish band to cover Sexdrome's "Count Me In". The hate and the riffs are still all here and so is the ski mask and bomber jacket.

Bad Intensions

Saturday, September 17, 2011

少女人形 - 少女人形 7''

Heres a hidden gem, Shojyo Ningyo's (少女人形) self titled 7''. The hardcore is there but so is the strong post-punk influence leaving one satisfying throbber for the listener.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Puce Mary - Piss Flowers

Crumbling noise from Posh Isolation, Puce Mary provide four disturbing tracks.

Grim - Folk Music

Reletively unknown power electronics project from ex-White Hospital member Jun Konagaya. Although i haven't been familar with this project until recently i can see this being a favourite very soon. Endless grooves of noise, industrial soundscapes and even a few short nice soothing music peices. Check out "Alps Noel/Bremen 2".

Folk Music

K&I - Promise Promise

Karin and Ivo or better known as K&I released this tape sometime in the late 80s? maybe early 80s. Here we can find fifteen untitled tracks of deep experimentation. Electronics, synth, and recorded voices.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Masturbation – 死顔

Masturbation is one of those old forgotten 80's japanese hardcore bands, they don't really compare to the greats like Gauze, Zouo, LSD etc. but they are still are important and not to mention fucking great. they've released a couple records on ADK this one however was not.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sump - Demo III

punk for all you low life scums

Demo III

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caucasian Colony - Stars of Africa

The latest from Caucasian Colony with 3 new tasty works about Africa.


The Execute - Live in Hell

Normally i am almost never a fan of live releases but japan greats The Execute provide an assault of hardcore mayhem to you the listener. It just gives me much more reason to believe japan was on the top of the scene in the early 80s and was greatly underrated. All you late 30, early 40 something japanese punks that have been pissed on by Michiro Endo, you are lucky.

live in hell

V/A - Victoria

Harsh, soothing electronics from danish noise artists, released on Posh Isolation. Artists include Caucasian Colony, Pisswhipp, Damien Dubrovnik, LR, Alleypisser, Megan, Perpetrators, Seabrook Collapse, Sebastian Kruse, Semi Detached Spankers, and Ashley C.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Martial Canterel - You Today

This is his latest output that came out this year and it's easily his best effort yet. I just keep going back to this one over and over again. Although he's delivered in both his projects this one takes it based on the fact i can always breeze through all eleven songs with ease. Eleven non skippable songs of minimal synth bliss and it feels good.

Move aside Austerton

Thursday, May 19, 2011

T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me

This album will never get old for me, never ever. I always just breeze right through it wishing it were longer but yet its perfect. Once the drums start pounding at the beginning of 'Sounds of Laughter' and those opening riffs strum, it's time to dance slam dance. anyway opening track and 'Code Blue' are the absolute best on here and it's probably time i admit this is one of my favorite albums but i say that to too many albums so i will just it rules.

fuck the dead

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alberich - NATO-Uniformen

This is a monster of a release and there is a little bit of everything here. synth, early industrial influence and power electronics. I've listened to it in its entirety only 2 times because its length can get a little overwhelming. There is approximately thirty tracks and its running time is well over an hour. Listen to it all in one sitting and instantly be better than everyone.

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

Thursday, April 28, 2011

光束夜 - 光束夜 (1st)

光束夜 or Kousokuyo is a dark jap psychedlic rock band. so come along on this acid trip from japan hell and enjoy doomy sludgy guitars and worship satan and all that evil stuff. so if you're into any psychrock stuff like Fushitsusha or Datetenryu or if you've never heard of those two and this then get them all of it and just sit.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anne Bean & Paul Burwell Pulp Music - Low Flying Aircraft

This has been kicking my ass latley it's a little single by Anne Bean & Paul Burwell Pulp Music titled Low Flying Aircraft [no label, extra hole burnt instead]. After deeply getting into the short-lived No Wave music scene in New York i was brought to this early gem. I really do not have any information on them other than they aren't from New York but from London and i am pretty sure this is all they have released a mere 2 song single. i was not expecting much from this little single just the same wacky unlistenable jams i've heard from previous no wave artists, but this is the most unique, unlistenable 'music' 1979 has to offer.

low flying aircraft

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ambassador 990 - Ambassador 990 7''

I love this band more than i should but i don't care because i have a full on throbber for 90s emo these days and this band in general. here we have Ambassador 990's self titled 7''. the first two tracks have been re-recorded under different song titles on the 12'' but these ones are the real deal.


James Dean Driving Experience - EP's

James Dean Driving Experience is a fantastic old indiepop band formed in 1987. i find their upbeat twee jams very nice in the morning when i don't ever want to get up then Sean Connery plays and everything is okay. it's not possible for me listen to just one ep by these guys, it's mandatory to listen to their entire discography. Here is 1988's Dean's Eleventh Dream, 1989's Clearlake Revisited, and 1990's Sean Connery and trust me, it is not enough.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Total Abuse - Mutt




Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caligula031 - Albanian Meat Market

here is something that has been on heavy rotation for me in the past couple of weeks. Filth and Violence fail to disappoint and my wallet is always in open arms for their wonderful, pleasureful releases.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Women - Women

feeling hip with those macbooks and fraps so hard. here is Women's self titled album which came out way back in the year two thousand eight. After my incredibly homosexual loving to their latest album Public Strain it's probably time i get a full on throbber for this promising canadian band.


Tranquilizer - Tranquilizer

I am going to keep this slow year going with a 7'' flexi that is probably the exact opposite of slow. Hokkaido, Japan's Tranquilizer always does the trick for me whenever i am in the mood for a short painful headache. "sounds like drummer in a race with a lawnmower and a vaccum cleaner to see who can explode first"


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ensemble Pittoresque - For This Is Past

One of the most impressive albums i've listened to in awhile. They are from Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands and they are going to rock your socks off. There is some crazy good guitar work accompanied by the best beats the Netherlands can offer. It's quite psychedelic and mesmerizing at times, maybe it's time you lose some balls and enjoyed this.

real power is something you take! download

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Subhumans - Firing Squad

Canada's very own subs, and one of my favorite punk 7'' records ever. two short catchy tracks thats pretty straight forward. i have too much respect for this band that i will go as far as saying canadian subs > uk subs, deal with it. here is Death to the Sickoids as well.

No Productivity

Warsaw - The Ideal Beginning

This is probably a different cover and a different collection of songs than the one that i have, but it dosen't even matter as long as the Leaders of Men and They Walked in Line are on here and that's pretty much all that matters. It dosen't get anymore punk than Warsaw, don't even try to deny it.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bizarre Uproar - Lily The Flesh

Bizarre Uproar is one of the best pe projects around and active these days among many many others. but easily has one of the most consistent and relentless discographys you'll ever hear. i was pretty much blown away by the radical change in sound on this one but after more and more listens it grew to be one of my favorite releases to come out last year. Accompanied by the Musta Rotta 7'' you can see where i am coming from when i say most consistent discography.

filth and violence

Z - Violence Action

here we have a short little flexi from late 80's band 'Z' coming from where else? Japan. four unlistenable jams spinning on a one sided red wax. a very well done review of this can be found here.

violence action

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iceage - New Brigade

One of my new favorites and quite frankly one of the best new bands out there, bold statement but it's 100% true. Once the video for the title track came out there no doubt in my mind this wasin't going to be bad, it's actually the best example i have of a perfect release. the music, the packaging, everything about it is superb. It's one of those albums i do not have the energy to describe so here is there video for the new brigade and the release is still avaiable here and the ya! store.. psyche


Jyuden Souchi - Dead Line

充電装置/Jyuden Souchi released this back in 85' or 86' then millions and thousands of hardcore fans around the world realized the stomp factor this little flexi had and they immediately fought everyone and everything, just kidding they didin't even know this existed.

go destroy