Friday, December 17, 2010

Bloodkitt - Obscene Planet

Stumbled across this filth while frequenting the Doom Forever Forever Doomed boards. The band name translates literally from German to Blood Concrete in English. Enough boring information that you don't give a shit about download this crooshing sludge noise filth. Motherfucking shit.

Dispirit - Rehearsal at Oboroten

Grim ass black metal that isn't trendy to listen to yet that was founded by Weakling/The Gault/Asunder member John Gossard. This rehearsal is just as good as all of those bands and the full length if there is one should be stomping as fuk. Fuck off happy holidays time for Black Christmas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friction (フリクション) - 軋轢

Friction are one of those bands you find out about and you just beat the shit out of yourself for not knowing about them earlier. Anyway this band is top notch, i've always seen them as a japanese version of Big Black, but then again what do i know. This is their first full length album if i'm not mistaken and is often confused as being called Friction.

Automatic Fru is the jam. download

Personality Crisis - Creatures For Awhile

I really don't have a clue why i haven't posted this yet, hell it should of been the first post. This band right here is easily one of the greatest, but i'm probably exaggerating seeing on how they are hometown heroes in this dump. It's a fantastic record front to back and is criminally unappreciated in the punk world. how do i ever wish i were alive and born to see them frequent the now forgotten Wellington's here in Winnipeg. Better get this shit on wax before it's gone again. it's like fucking 11 bucks.