Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Noizeclot - Music for Torture, Bondage & Leather Sex

Heres a forgotten one, it's John Zewizz or simply Noizeclot with Music for Torture, Bondage & Leather Sex. Released in 1984, limited to 500 copies with 2-color covers, later copies available with a xerox'd cover on dark pink paper.

Side A - Torture, Side B - Bondage. You know the drill.


Croatian Amor - The Mars Quarter

Noise bliss from Denmark. Fairly new act i was hoping to hear more of since their contribution to the Maritime Trade compilation (Posh Isolation). Descripted as 'bubblegum industrial' with 'romantic overtones', i don't know how i feel about the bubblegum part but i would be very comfortable popping this in during a candle light dinner.


Yuzo Iwata - Drowning in the Sky

We now enter a new year on the blog with a very recent addiction. He is Yuzo Iwata and this amazing record seems to have been a collection of songs spanning from 1988 to 1994. Finally released in 1999, you will now experience what its like to drown in the sky. The album itself is all over the place, throughout the entire album it flirts heavily with psych-folk, and noise but we are also given quite the soft dreamy ambient touching here and there. The concluding title track gives me chills.