Friday, April 16, 2010

Akitsa - Au crépuscule de l'espérance

This is a fucking monster of a release. This has got to be one of the coolest moments of the year. Blindsided by new Akitsa, which I had no clue was coming out. This is a really solid effort, and just adds to their perfect discography. Available at Tour De Garde in CD format. Thats right, it's time to break out the walkmans. Will most likely be one of my favorites to come out this year.


Migraine - Weird Tales

I enforce the try before you buy technique mostly because you don't want to buy something that sucks butthole. Don't even know why I didin't just buy this on the spot, what is wrong with me. New Migraine ep. Like it just as much as their previous release and its real good. It's available to purchase directly from them. here. You should do it.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drunkdriver - Drunkdriver

The internet is a cool and zany place. You can watch various types of porn, make fun of people you won't ever meet in real life, and download music illegally. But it's when you pretend to be disgusted by someone who allegedy raped a bunch of whores is when the internet gets more funny. Alot of which probably haven't even heard of the band before. You will not support them now, you never did. Theres better stuff to be whining about anyways. But yeah, this was suposed to be released last month at the release show but the rape haters started crying. It's real good n shit as expected.


Thou/Mohoram Atta - Degradation of Human Life

Happened to pick up this split at the Thou show here last Wednesday. Thou side is sludgy awesome as usual, and Mohoram Atta's side is dark crust brought to you by some punk Santa Cruzers, including one member from celebrated Tales ov Dryden favorites Fell Voices. Sounds much better on vinyl, but if you are unable to obtain a copy here's a link.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Divisions - Divisions

Self titled tape from Divisions, shouldn't be confused with the self titled 7''. But easily one of my favorite hardcore acts. They broke up, as all great bands seem to be doing these days. They did leave us with an awesome farewell tape but has long since sold out. Not sure where to find any other available material from them except Human Crush. But that's probably sold out too.


Rudimentary Peni - Cacophony

Some of which consider their best, their magnum opus. I could easily agree, but as a huge peni fan I'd have to say the obvious statement that all their material rules. Anyway I love this album, took alot of time to grow on me. Before I kind of just tossed this one aside because of it's strange content. The concept being about horror writer H.P. Lovercraft.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Socially Retarded - 11 Song Cassette

Fast, abrasive, raucous powerviolence just the way it should be.
You can't handle the fucking truth.

Ashdautas - Where The Sun Is Silent

This is the re-released version on cassette. When I think of black twilight Ashdautas' stuff was kind of overshadowed by much greater acts like Axeman and Arizmenda, even Volahn almost seemed to put out was this band was capable of. However this release reminds you why they are the audial essence of the Black Twilight. It's got a much greater eerie, disturbing sound to it than others. I'm pretty sure that was their goal. Anyway this is a great one.


Sea Of Shit - Demo

Revisited this demo because I kind of dismissed it or I did listen to it but don't remember anything about it. Anyway, after a real listen, shit was stompin. Chicago pv as its stompingest.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kruel - Terror Tape

After really enjoying the Mata Mata cassette, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do was to check out more from this LA raw ponx scene. Sure enough there was Kruel and on the Terror Tape you will find 7 tracks of raw punishing d-beat. Shit rules.


Pig Heart Transplant - Pure Filth

This was released back in 07. The title is enough to describe the album as whole. Two sided cassette, sixteen tracks, and under ten minutes of harsh whirling noise. In my opinion their best material. Of course Hope You Enjoy Heaven and the Walls/Iron Lung live collab are excellent in their own, earlier recordings just seem to be much more harsh and raw.

pure filth

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mata Mata - Mata Mata

Dirty, Raw punk from LA. Being co-released by Crepusculo Negro, maybe you would think black metal, but that is not anywhere near it. Eight tracks of angry stomping punk junk. Shit fucking rips.


Migraine - Migraine

Debut self titled EP from one of my latest favorites. Been playing this alot as of late. They do have a new one out, Wierd Tales. Should probably get on that. here. Kinda bummed they couldn't make their way north here in Winnipeg late last year. Maybe could of had a decent show here for once.

Anyway EP

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Circle of Ouroborus - MaterEther

Latest ep from Circle of Ouroborus adding to their expanding discography. One of the better releases i've heard, but not the best. Really nice release and real worth your mothers hard earned cash.


Legion / Fingers Crossed - Signs of the Southern Cross Split 7"

heavy hittin split with Birmingham's Legion and east Tennessee's Fingers Crossed. Fists required. download

Vile Gash - 7''

It's new. and it's hard. download

Thursday, April 1, 2010