Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lust For Youth / War - The Glass House Etiquette

A recent split between Lust for Youth and danish duo War [Made up of Elias and Loke]. If you haven't heard LFY's Solar Flare and War's God Made Flesh you should be ashamed and go grab those right now, then you'll be ready for this treat.

The Glass House Etiquette

Flesh Spear - Raping Soil

Heres a noisy affair from the borderline flawless danish label; Posh Isolation. Absolute noise crush, buried vocals and an overall sound which comes across as unsettling almost frightening. Maybe Jackman went noisecore.

Raping Soil

Saturday, October 8, 2011

V/A - Great Punk Hits

Here is you gateway to japanese hardcore; if you do not dig this compilation then there is no use in even trying anymore, this is classic 80s japanese hardcore at its finest. Right from the start G.I.S.M. unleash one of their evilest songs in their catalog 'Death Exclamations' and then with the more groovier banger 'Fire'. The Execute and Aburadako keep the hardcore momentum going while Laughin' Nose go for more of a straight forward punk approach. The Clay lay down some more metal-leaning hardcore on 'Future Terror' and 'Militia' and last but certainly not least G-Zet provide probably the best song on the compilation with '堕落' (Dakura).