Friday, October 8, 2010

Black Flag - Loose Nut

this has been on heavy rotation for me latley and this album in general dosen't seem to get as much praise it deserves. put off by production or songs being 'too poppy' are no excuse, you're just into dicks.



  1. Agreed. I'm sick of people shitting on later Flag. I dunno, in some ways I think they got better. Maybe I'll post my live version of The Process of Weeding Out. That's one that only a mother could love.

  2. Hey, I just noticed. No one posts comments on your blog either. So I'll step in and say you guys do a great job. Keep it up.

  3. thanks. one year of this and i'm not tired of it yet.

  4. This is my favorite Black Flag record

    admittedly, it doesn't have the strongest songs
    (that'd be Damaged or First Four Years)
    it doesn't have the best atmosphere
    (My War seems headier)
    and it doesn't have the best, most out-there Ginn leads
    (that'd be In My Head or Weeding Out)

    but I never seem to tire of it or fail to listen from start to finish
    and, outside of a personal mix of tunes, it's my pick for working out, too