Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James Dean Driving Experience - EP's

James Dean Driving Experience is a fantastic old indiepop band formed in 1987. i find their upbeat twee jams very nice in the morning when i don't ever want to get up then Sean Connery plays and everything is okay. it's not possible for me listen to just one ep by these guys, it's mandatory to listen to their entire discography. Here is 1988's Dean's Eleventh Dream, 1989's Clearlake Revisited, and 1990's Sean Connery and trust me, it is not enough.



  1. Hopefully this year will see their anthology released. Apparantly in negotiations with a couple of labels and will also include the never released 4th single. Keep an eye on their myspace page....

  2. DUDE Please re-upload. I so need this! Wonderful blog by the way. As you're probably aware, most (if not all) of the mediafire links are dead. Would really appreciate new uploads, again great blog.