Friday, November 5, 2010

Azhubham Haani - On A Snowy Winter Night

Very evil, twisted music from swedish bm knight Angramain'yo and his project Azhubham Haani. This twenty something minute demo came out back in 92' and it's easily the best raw black metal i've heard since genital tomb, but then again what do i know. This tape has a little bit of everything, the song Where Death Has Reared Itself A Throne's intro build up instantly reminded me of Moëvöt, but these six songs aren't all fruity black hymns theres actually alot of stomping raw black metal and guitar solos you will hear in the distance. Anyway below is a hilarious review i thought i'd share with you.

Look, it's 2000 and goddamn 10. I won't think that your music isn't "authentic" if I can make out the music. It isn't raw and jagged like Nattens Madrigal is, I can take that, this is just fuzzy and useless. The music that is discernible from the fuzz is simple and boring.

On A Snowy Winter Night


  1. whoever added the italics must've missed the memo, there is plenty of room in black metal for "non jagged" bands....this album is indulgant on it's pure "simple and boring" trance and is perfect for anybody who likes no nonsense black metal. for being on a blog that subliminally worships ildjarn, you'd think you might understand something that simple, or maybe you just weren't fucked up enough (too fucked up??) to understand this.

  2. "Anyway below is a hilarious review i thought i'd share with you."

  3. haha dumbass who wrote the review probably wrote it based off of that awful rip floating around

  4. just to clear things up the italic's were written by someone from the review site on sputnikmusic about sump's 'taken dead'.