Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iron Maiden - Killers

Okay so you thought you were safe well guess what you were fukken wrong dong yeah man come to this blog lookin for some safe hipster underground neo folk bullcrap and instead you get your ass kicked loook at that cover there's a effing skeleton dude eddie or skeletor somthing i think not really a skeleton just a skinny dude not like your fatass this guy is a real wrathchild if you catch my drift yeah I just used a song title what are you gonna do bout it you're gonna sit at your computer and type shit cuz you're gay and so is your dad uh huh I'd kick his ass and so would the maiden the iron maiden the dude on the cover yeah man that's your dad and his ass his grass fukkn hatchet in da face and you're next so you think hey I'll go to egypt eddie(pretty sure that's his name) surely won't find me here but guess what look at the cover of powerslave asshole he's in fucking egypt and he's a huge fucking monster statue haha nowhere to run iron maiden is everywhere and this is the second greatest album of all time the first is one I like to call melissa by a little band called mercyful fate maybe you heard of em B-) I'll do a writeup later but until then get the shit outta this album murders in the rue morgue dun nun nuh nunnuh nuh.


  1. Man you know what's cool? Grammar.

  2. anonymous what is this fukken 4chan get outta here with that bad attitude cockrub

  3. second best album of all time hahahaha