Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Cadaver In Drag

Just like Full Hatred we have a straight forward grind album, but this time not as disgusting or filthy. More chaotic, fast paced, and riffs everywhere. Blasting through eight tracks of unrelenting grind before 'Baptized in Embalming Fluid' a haunting outro which is without a doubt one of my favorite tracks takes you on a trip that leaves your head spinning.

People Meant to Die

Released in 06 by label filth Elephant Graveyard, this single sided 12'' is easily one of their finest releases. There is that slow droning guitar present just like you heard on Raw Child but more doom, and that bass sound is so fucking pounding. The only downside to this is it's length, but ten minutes is probably all i can handle anyways. Easily up there with songs like 'Walking through the Gates of Hell' from their Raw Child album.

Septic Tomb

Made Impure is a chilling release, took some time to fully absorb what it is that is going on. It's one of those albums where you notice something new upon every listen. Chilling sounds, voices and what seems like chants are fluent through out. There seems to be an absence of music anywhere on this one, but that is not bad thing at all. This fourteen minute drone is only here to make your skin crawl.

Made Impure

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  1. many many thanks man. cirrhus below is a great find as well. thanks for that too